A field between documentary and art. 

I have a degree in Film with a focus on politics, and have studied drama in London and visual culture and film history. I observe the drama and art in the realms of life and humans.

Film: Gadens Stemmer

Role> Director and producer.

Production company> Casebirds

Life Improvement 

\ Grand Teatret København Nov 2023 -  

  • Director of the art project "Women in Forests," delving into social and cultural narratives.

    Work includes roles in radio for +6 years working as editor in chief, radio host and podcaster.

    Co-Director Madsen & Hansen, Release 2024.

    Line Producer of Life Improvement, premiered in Grand Theatre (2023)

    I was producer and caster on the diversity project Sip of Life (2022).

    The director and producer of the environmental project between VAER and Europcar “Make your footprint matter” (2022)  

    Director and producer of the Voices of The Street (2021)

    Executive Producer of the Danish Art Foundation supported Out Of Office (2020)

    Proficient in video journalism, conducting in-depth interviews and storytelling through visual mediums. 

    Skilled writer adept at crafting compelling narratives for both traditional and digital 

    Danish Logistics 2017 / 2019 

    TechSavvy Media 2019 - 2020 

    Watch Media 2020 - 2021 

    Extensive experience covering political communication and societal shifts, particularly in response to events like COVID-19.

    Watch Medier 2020

    Background as a journalist and editor, contributing to investigative reporting and feature articles.

    POV International 2020

+4561306893 / laerkekartvedt@gmail.com / Siljangade 1-3, 2300 KBHS          

Madsen & Hansen

\ Sommer 2024 -  


\ Diversity project, Nørrebro Bryghus, 2022, Casebirds Production PHOTO:MADS CHRISTENSEN-  

Make Your Footprint Matter

\ Europcar X Vaer, Production Company: Casebirds, 2022 -   FULL